Multiple lights flying over Blackwood, New Jersey 16-Aug-2020

New footage of a multiple lights in the sky above Blackwood in New Jersey. This was taken on 16th August 2020.

Witness report: Several objects seen in sky that disappeared and re appeared and blinked. While driving down the highway noticed 2 aircraft flying close together to low and close to be airplanes had a fire glow to them. After getting of the highway I saw several of them just floating in the sky. I wanted to pull over and get a better picture and video. It when I tried to take video it would not work on my phone. I was having trouble making phone calls during this time and got freaked out and took off thinking I did not get any pictures or videos. After leaving the area I was able to use my phone and did indeed get a few seconds of videos and pictures. In the different pictures the objects appear to be different shapes upon zooming in.

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