Triangle-shaped UFO over Orlando, Florida 1-Aug-2020 | Top secret military object?

This UFO video was filmed in the sky above Orlando in Florida on 1st August 2020. The person who uploaded the footage, Ovni Vids, suggests that this could be some top secret military project.

What do you think about this?

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  1. The closest thing to my sighting in Lincolnshire UK on the 2nd of January 2000, My sighting was however closer, but this guys got a video camera where as I did not, mine was a massive black triangle hovering over a busy road in broad daylight, a light at each point exactly the same, wow!
    Nice capture!

  2. That’s a Lightship brand Blimp. Their national headquarters is in Orlando, and there are more blimps in Florida than anywhere else in the country. Most of the time it is facing it’s nose to the left and being seen along it’s left side at an angle where a LED screen is mounted that broadcasts messages. The glow from below it is a sports stadium. About half way through the video the object moves to the left. You can see the upper strobe clearance light and the lower one set farther back. Along the belly is a glow from the LED screen. It’s probably an American Blimp A-170.

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