Specialists May Have Found A Link Between UFO Sightings And Nuclear Missile Sites

Nuclear UFOs

A team of specialists find in Bariloche, Argentina, a possible link between a massive amount of UFO sightings in the area and a secret nuclear project.

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  1. Wow. How to take good information and bend it to your goal or reality. 1. The premise is that UFOs are seen at *active* nuclear sites. 2. They have the FBI document which backs up that premise. 3. They totally ignore that the island the UFO was hovering over was not active. It was historic. 4. They did not understand the humongous difference and potential of fusion over fission energy production. Do a little homework guys. 5. So, they did not answer the question of why the UFO was hovering over the island. Why wasn’t it hovering over the *active” successful nuclear plant? Because UFOs go for nuclear weapons sites, not the nuclear plants so much. 6. The three assumptions don’t include this: Aliens were here before us and planted us or developed us via DNA adjustments. They are watching us grow, like chimpanzees, so they can study us. The reason they hang around nuclear missle sites is because they want to be ready to destroy those missels should we decide to launch. Thank God for them. They want to keep their “zoo” alive. 7. Maybe reasons they were hanging out at the old fusion island is that they were studying our progress in unlimited energy, or meeting others there. I actually don’t think they were studying old remnants of something decades old and decripit unless they had recently detected some residue of the fusion attempts and now checking it out.

  2. Don’t ask me how I know this but I do….the UFO occupants concern is a fear that we might blow up our planet! This is the real deal. The Star People know they have been here for thousands of years and long before we were and they want to protect Planet Earth. This is the reason when a nuclear rocket takes off, etc. UFO’s are generally spotted.

    • It would take some doing to actually blow up our planet! More like destroy ourselves and the oceans. But the earth would eventually recover, though we may not.

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