UFO sighting after earthquake in Whittier, California

Here’s one really interesting UFO sighting that was filmed in the night sky above Whittier, a city in Southern California in Los Angeles County, part of the Gateway Cities. This happened back July 5th, 2019 but it was just published on MUFON’s website today. This triangle formation appeared in the sky just after a huge earthquake.

Witness report: Six lights observed ascending from earth in triangular pattern, moving in synchronization with one another, and disappearing into the dark atmosphere. About an hour to an hour and a half prior to the UFO sighting, in Whittier, CA., there was a short but strong Earthquake. The earthquake was like nothing I’ve felt before; much like a swinging motion or swaying of the earth, that only lasted for a few seconds, but was strong enough to cause the power lines above my friends house, to rock quite a bit. When it came time for me to depart from my friends house, it was around 9:25pm. I was headed to another one of my friends houses, which was only about a 6 or 7 minute car drive. As I entered the neighborhood, of my destination, I noticed some strange bright lights moving at a very steady pace, in a triangular pattern ascending into the sky, starting from right above the tree level of my current field of vision, and kept ascending until each individual light disappeared one by one, into the dark night sky above. There were six bright yellowish-orange, sphere-shaped lights all together. One light in the front, Two in the middle and three behind. By the way that it seemed to be moving, it was as if they were all attached by something solid. They never got any closer or further away from each other as they moved along the night sky.

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