AMAZING VIDEO Donut-shaped UFO over San Martin, California 1-Nov-2020


This really interesting circle UFO was seen and filmed in the daytime sky above San Martin, California on 1st November 2020. San Martin or San Martín is a census-designated place in Santa Clara County, in the southern Santa Clara Valley.

Witness report: Black Cheerio shape/ black circle with a hole in middle. I have video and pictures. It was a black circle with a hole In the middle. I observed this object with thee other unknown witnesses. We all used our cameras.

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  1. It appears to be a tethered balloon of some type. You can see just below the object what appears to be a tail (for better lack of a word) that it could be attached to.

    • No Michael it’s no a tethered balloon but you could be forgiven for thinking that’s what it might be. I am not versed well enough to say with complete accuracy but I can refer you to an authority who would have a superior understanding to my own.

      Generally, what you’re seeing, or would see if this video were to be properly enhanced and stabilized, would be a boiling cloud of pitch smoke, or at least what you would presume is smoke.

      This rings is caused by the induction of dielectric energy from the surrounding medium. You’re seeing what is essentially the loss of light producing energy as it is being inducted. I surmise that if we had this video also in the Infrared field we would see something akin to the Naval UFO video, so the machine is itself invisible to the human eye and the temps are quite high.
      See and read this to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what I’ve just said.

  2. Me thinks drone under helium-filled donut balloon. See the little dark thing below the donut? If an intentional hoax, is there any possibility the videographer was in a popular or expected viewing location?

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