Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows


In interview with Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate Haim Eshed said the U.S. government has been in contact with extraterrestrials from a “galactic federation.” NBC News’ Bill Neely reports.

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  1. I could say a lot about this. Probable every US President is briefed on UFO & ET. Also I strongly believe they are told if you tell about UFO’s & ET your has good as dead. Got JFK killed! I also know being an ex-SSP solder I know for a fact we are working with ET. Why do you thing two space programs are named “”Secret Space Programs”” and the one I was in “” Secret Space Force””? First word SECRET!!! In fact they wand to keep it a secret so so bad when your time is up they have a deal with ET to erase your memory of what you did where you was, even more so if say your 16 teen and they take you for 20 years they can take you back in time to when you was taking. Also your service is free, that’s not so bad, they do that so there is no money trail to trace. Remember it’s a Secret. You should be thankful they do have a Secret Space programs (SSF). I can give one good reason. Anyone old enough reading this remember Ronald Reagan speech at the United Nations about some bad Aliens coming to earth. Well it was true there was some going to come. But working with the ET and the SSF they stop them before reaching five planets yes five planets we was number three on the list of five. None of us would be here today and earth would be like Mars is today! Much more to the story but I’m not saying anymore for now.

  2. I know that there is an agreement between the Zeta’s and us a and other major powers. Yes there is unfriendly Reptilian ET’s that want this planet, not the Draconians. We have agreements with a federation of at least 5 different planets, that include a United defense pact. We retrieved a total of 9 old style saucers and one triangle. We were given 500 klg,a of element 115 in stable form. We recently were gifted at least one but likely 3 300′ saucers that are new. There is so much more to disclose it would stun you! You have no idea how big this union is. One race is most advanced and they can do things that you would call magic. We are in a war of the worlds and it will get bigger, 2026 or sooner will reveal almost everything. Stay tuned!

  3. From experience, i know that ETs and their technology exist. There have been many leaks since at least as far back as 1947, but the governments and mainstream media hide the fact and ridicule people who have opinions contrary to the official line.

    THere have been hundreds of people all over the world who have been witness to interactions with the many different beings that visit this planet. Yet, mainstream media and government continue to obfuscate and ridicule these people, including myself, as “conspiracy theorists”.

    That been said, why are members of “those people” being taken seriously? Why is it big news suddenly?They have a long history of self aggrandizement, racism, deception and a penchant for controlling others who are not “them”.

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