Two huge cigar-shaped UFOs hovering above Orange County, CA 23-Dec-2020

These two huge & bright cigar-shaped unidentified flying objects were hovering in the sky above Orange County, a region in Southern California. This happened on early morning on 23rd December 2020.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Look like reflection in the glass to me as you can see a ghost image underneath the main image. Artifact from the thickness of glass. What do I know, just an opinion. Merry Christmas

    • Normally I’d agree except the video was taken outdoors with clear line of site! Furthermore they light up the cloud above them so if it was glass reflection or artifacts, what glass and can you explain the lighting of the cloud above them

    • Yes it has to be a reflection. It just cannot be a real ufo.. for haven’t nasa, seti, military, astro-whatevers told us that there are no et craft here.. period. They all have to tell big fibs. Open, as millions have, for full disclosure. Before you scream FRAUD as this upsets many, note that USAF Intel. Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and his team, despite many years trying to debunk this Swiss case, failed.. even having top labs analyze the evidence. Search. ”YouTube. Contact: Billy Meier Documentary (1982)”.

      • Your site is all about Bill Meier… Which was extremely probably a fraud. There are much more compelling cases.
        As for this thing, it could be anything, I have no idea. But it really doesn’t look like a reflection, at all.

    • Seems like something like that would have been reported by many thousands of people. They appear huge and obviously quite luminous hovering for a significant time over highly populated areas.

  2. my wife and I witnessed a ufo from our balcony in Garden Grove around midnight on the 23rd 2020 . We are upstairs facing west. I would estimate object was in the Lampson Ave. and Chapman and Knott or Valley View area with a heading towards Fullerton or Buena Park there was also a helicopter tailing it. This went on for at least ten minutes. It had an invisible appearance but a sparkler affect to it a random popping of lights. There was a similar report out of Rosarito Beach and hour earlier.

  3. If ANY of these sightings were legit, we´d have had many sharp, clear images. So far ALL videos and still photos are blurred and look like they were taken with a camera from the 1880´s. This is all BS.

  4. What in the hell would possess aliens to fly over a place like California that is run by people who border on lunatic’s, unless they are looking to observe the dumbest human beings in the U.S.?

  5. I saw two of these objects fly over me without making a sound and at the end they crossed them self and made a figure of a cross I was shocked I was staring at a cross in the night sky amazing.

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