UFO activity filmed over San Fernando Valley on new years eve 2021

Here’s one fresh UFO sighting 2021 filmed on new years eve over San Fernando Valley in California.

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  1. There’s was one of wigan last night at about 12.05am rising vertically in the sky to the SW then after about 7 minutes descending down to ground level ‘ hopefully someone out there filmed it’ me and my son watched it and it was really misty sky’s but it stood out much brighter than a star ‘ even the moon was partly obscured due to the low viability but this really stood out so it can’t have been really high up at its highest point’ I’d say around 20.000 feet’ and at a range of about 7 or 8 miles away to the SW ‘ it looked about the size of a golf ball would at arms length’

  2. I’m M.Colon in Rincon, PR my husband and i saw the very same thing. It was bright then it turned red and back to white. My goodness was while we were watching fireworks when we spotted something moving sideways, then hovering, turned on and off then when it came back and suddenly began to desend very quickly. It was not a helicopter or a plane. I ran for my phone but then it disappeared i couldn’t catch it on camera.

  3. I watched a drone operator for about 20 minutes fly his drone……….doing flips and stuff I was amazed.
    I was more amazed when he landed the drone, and the dam thing was as big as I am. It has eight propellers, and sounds like a swarm of wild bees. Imagine this drone flying at night all lit up.

  4. I saw a UFO on January 4, 2021 in Burbank, CA at 10:45 PM in a circular shape in white. Two days later at the same time I witnessed the same thing but this time it shot three gold sparks from the bottom of the shape, I filmed the second night but the sparks did not record due to my error but I did get the UFO moving on my cell phone.

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