American Airlines Confirms UFO Sighting Incident with One of Their Pilots


American Airlines passenger jet encountered an unidentified flying object (UFO) over northeastern New Mexico.

The incident took place on Sunday afternoon around 1 pm CST. Steven Douglass published a recording on his blog Deep Black Horizon about a transmission by the pilot of flight 2292, which American Airlines confirmed.

At the time, the pilot radioed in after spotting a UFO above the aircraft. In the recording, the pilot described the UFO as like a long cylindrical object that nearly similar to a cruise missile type of thing moving at incredible speed over the top of their aircraft.

Following a debrief with Flight Crew and additional details received, American Airlines confirmed it was one of their pilots who radioed in the object during the passenger flight from Cincinnati to Phoenix. However, the airline company wouldn’t share any further details about the UFO incident. They encourage anyone who has additional questions on the incident to reach out to the FBI.

Douglass said he spoke with a former military pilot, who suggested the pilot was probably shaken after the UFO encounter that he had to report it. Although it seems American Airlines expects the FBI to handle the case, Douglass believes the Federal Aviation Administration will also do an investigation to identify what the pilot encountered flying above the aircraft.

New Mexico is home to White Sands Missile Range, located in the state’s southern area, and is described as the largest, fully-instrumented, open-air range of the Department of Defense. However, the chief of public affairs at White Sands Missile Range, Scott Sterns, said the range wasn’t testing anything on that day of the incident and noted the distance between the missile range and northeastern New Mexico, which is approximately 400 miles.

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