Ireland Comes on Top in Number of UFO Sightings Among European Countries

A new report has found Ireland to have the most extraterrestrial visits in Europe, with 105 recorded unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings.

Different media organizations worldwide were eager to determine which country in Europe has the most extended duration of ET visits after the CIA released thousands of archives that have brought alien life back into the limelight.

Experts analysed official sightings from across the continent, documenting the frequency of sightings, duration, and UFO type being spotted.

Experts revealed that Europe has had 994 UFO sightings, all taking an average of 12 minutes. Unidentified flying discs are the most common type of UFO being seen.

Monaco is likely to offer the longest sightings for UFO enthusiasts, which last an average of 45 minutes. The most prevalent UFO type in Monaco is flying discs.

Liechtenstein comes second with UFO sightings lasting an average of 39 minutes. Most reporting witnesses claim to have observed a light formation moving in the sky.

Latvia and Ukraine follow behind in third and fourth position with sightings lasting an average of 24 minutes and 22 minutes, respectively.

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