Fast-moving red light and two stationary orbs, Clearwater Beach FL 20-Mar-2021

Strange UFO activity filmed in the sky above Florida three days ago.

Witness report: UFO sighting in Florida. Fast-moving red light and two stationary orbs. Saw these on March 20 at around 10 pm in Clearwater Beach. The two orbs are to the north in the video

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  1. On this same day, my husband tried to photograph a bright orb in the sky, middle of the day,as we were driving home from the Georgia mountains on I-75, somewhere in rural Georgia. The pics didn’t come out clear at all. It wasn’t a reflection on the window; he rolled it down to make sure. We thought at first maybe a plane reflecting the sun, but it didn’t appear to be moving over 15-20 minutes. Wondering now if that was related to this sighting.

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