UFOs Swarmed Around Warships For Several Days

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UFOs harassed US warships for several days in July 2019, according to the newly-released information from the logs of US warships.

The USS Kidd, USS John Finn, and USS Rafael Peralta were in a military area off the coast of California engaging in a training exercise when those on board noticed UFOs they described as drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The three ships were swarmed by as many as six drones over a matter of days, at times doing brazen manoeuvres around the vessels.

The Drive obtained the logs through the US Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), which recorded the sightings in entries such as ‘White light identified hovering over the ships flight deck,’ and ‘Kidd reported UAV overhead.’

One entry from Rafael Peralta reported, ‘Two UAV’s spotted off the starboard wing.’ Another entry added six minutes later, ‘Four UAV’s spotted off the starboard bridge.’

During the encounter, the UAVs matched the USS Kidd’s speed and bearing for around 90 minutes, which is 60 minutes more endurance than drones of their size.

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The warships are equipped with electro-optical systems, thermal imaging, radar, and sensors, but the crew could not track the craft when they disappeared.

On July 15, 2019, the three vessels contacted the nearby cruise ship Carnival Imagination to know if the crafts were from there, but the crew confirmed they weren’t, but they also noticed five or six of the UFOs around the warships.

This time, the craft hovered with the USS Rafael Peralta in the area for three hours, and at one point recognizing four drones following the ship. The Navy, Coastguard, FBI, and other agencies did a formal investigation, but they found no answers.

It does not determine where the crafts were launched.

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  1. The military would obviously have footage of these drones. I would love to see it released to the public. What did they look like ? Were they obviously man made or did they have no means of propulsion that could be seen ? Could they have been launched by an enemy submarine without being detected ?

  2. Holy shit! This is crazy but I wonder why it was queuing around the warships anyways? Was it looking for something or was it intrigued by the highly advancements the warships hold and just making fun of it in the process?

  3. What I find interesting is the fact that as far as I’m aware there have never been any reports or discovery of these UAVs using any form of radio communication that we have been able to identify, anyone know anything different?

  4. enough of the drivel,lies and BS…aliens as we call them are on the bottom of the oceans and on the moon,they use the moon as its closest to earth and have forward bases in the oceans…if this was a criminal trial the govts would be found guilty on the grounds of overwhelming massive circumstansial evidence.Why are they concealing the truth?…its because we would not recognise govts as the ultimate power over us and they would lose their powers as we realise there is something much more powerful…thats why…all about the fear of losing “control”

  5. Like I said before in a previous post. Why didn’t they just shoot them down? They would have been absolutely justified. Or do they KNOW they are alien or some secret craft from our own military?

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