*MUST WATCH* UFO ORBS over Mechanicsville, VA 11-May-2021

These four orbs were flying across the daytime sky above Mechanicsville in Virginia. This happened on 11th May 2021.

Witness report: 4 orbs spinning in the air heading south. I was in my backyard. My ears popped and heard something like a distant growl. I didn’t see anything nearby in the woods. I looked for maybe a distant engine from a plane in the sky and observed 4 orbs spinning. They had a sun reflecting surface and then a blue that matched the sky a bit. They moved organically and almost bumping into each other as they moved south.

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  1. The quite different nature of the varying sightings raise a quite a few questions.
    The orb sightings and seeming “birthing” of other orbs almost seem organic rather than vehicle type. Orb light type objects have been associated with crop circles also, I’ve only seen one film of that phenomenon.
    The very varied nature also of vehicle shapes – triangular, cigar, saucer, pyramidical, boxlike, and varied sizes raise the probability of different sources of the crafts, some of which are distinctly not aerodynamic in shape.
    Just hope they are ultimately friendly in intention -but we do have a very viable planet still.

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