Team of UFO Hunters in Britain Might Officially Investigate UFO Sightings Again After US Release Pentagon Report into Alien Life


The government could relaunch a team of UFO hunters to monitor the skies over Britain in the wake of a US report on space alien life, a source has revealed.

The now-defunct Ministry of Defence division, shut down in 2009 after almost 60 years of official research and investigation, could once again launch depending on the findings of the upcoming Pentagon report into UFOs.

In June, the report from the Director of National Intelligence will be sent to the US Congress. Pentagon officials have reiterated that their genuine interest is in whether these unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) could represent actual threats on Earthy.

A source said that if there were sufficient proof to suggest that there was something and there was a need to do it, they would think about it and look at it.

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In 2016, Nick Pope, who led the now-defunct Ministry of Defence division for UFOs, said that of the 12,000 sightings they investigated, around 5 per cent remained unexplained.

The team later found out that radiation levels at the site had been significantly higher than the average background. However, the team was disbanded in 2016 amid several financial cuts. The MOD released a statement saying that no UFO report has revealed any proof of a potential threat to the UK. Mr Pope criticised the decision, which was without public consultation.

In 2019, NASA would scan hundreds of the nearest exoplanets searching for ET life with SETI scientists leading the 100 million dollars Breakthrough Listen project. The American agency announced it would identify anomalies in light curves and listen for technosignatures.

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