The Next Thing On UFOS is Big


Now that UFO sightings or officially referred to as unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) encounters have become too many and too tangible to dismiss as reflected light, swamp gas, or anything of the kind, the next step is for the Pentagon to bring out much more about what it already knows.

In the CBS “60 Minutes” segment recently aired, it revealed the growing declassified data and credible accounts from military personnel, government, and former government that has been thoroughly cataloged and competently explained.

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In a conversation between CBS correspondent Bill Whitaker and Luis Elizondo, they turn to the military’s great current state of publicly available information.

Elizondo, who was in US military intelligence for two decades and was part of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Program (AATIP), said that they investigated a technology that did 6-to-700 g-forces and flew at 13,000 miles an hour. According to Elizondo, the technology can evade radar and fly through air and water, as well as possibly space.

Elizondo added that it has no apparent signs of propulsion, no control surfaces, no wings, and yet still can defy Earth’s gravity. “That’s precisely what we’re seeing,” Elizondo said. In some cases, Elizondo and his team found simple explanations for what people are seeing, but some are not after going through their due diligence.

The segment then interviewed David Fravor and Lieutenant Alex Dietrich, two of the four pilots who witnessed a UAP during a training mission with the USS Nimitz carrier strike group in 2004 at 100 miles southwest of San Diego, California. The interview described in great detail the real and yet impossible to grasp UAP behavior.

For a week, the radar on a nearby ship, the USS Princeton, had detected multiple anomalous aerial vehicles over the horizon that went down 80,000 feet in less than a second. Fravor and Dietrich were diverted to investigate the strange sighting on November 14,  each with a weapons systems officer in the backseat. They spotted an area of roiling whitewater the size of a 737 in an otherwise calm sea.

Now that Pentagon has been reactivated the AATIP since last August under the new name, UAP task force, more details have likely been cataloged since service members now are encouraged to report any unusual encounters.

While still head of the intelligence committee, Senator Marco Rubio asked the director of national intelligence and the Pentagon in December 2020 to present Congress an unclassified report.

The report is expected to be the next major step in this building story. It will be released on June 1, 2021, to the Senate.

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