UFO changing shape over San Rafael, California 2-May-2021

This daytime UFO was filmed in the sky above San Rafael, California on 2nd May 2021.

Witness report: At approximately noon on 5/2/21 from my balcony I saw a black/grey object that looked like a floating pool noodle or snake. It changed shapes, sometimes looking like a boomerang. It hovered to the South slowly moving to the South West. There was a wind in the air that seemed to have little effect on it, and there were no signs of either a propulsion method or strings to attach it to the ground. Light reflected off of it. It was just beyond a set of powerlines. I saw a plane pass beyond it. I took a few photos and recordings. I went inside for a minute, and when I returned it had disapeared.

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  1. In 1982 saw daytime glob over sane powerlines changed from bkacjvyo red to green San Rafael mountains have large deposit svif milky quatz gokfmd mining area once! Connection?

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