UFOs in formation over Indio, California 23-Sep-2021

These strange lights were filmed over Indio in California on 23rd September 2021 at 8pm.

Witness report: 29 palms marine base is higher north east, this is south east looking towards Salton sea. Only possible base in that direction is Yuma, AZ. I don’t think they are flares, they are stationary and my friend said he seen them flying across Salton sea. This was taken during work tonight. There are 5 lights then 5 more appear above the original lights. This direction I’m looking at is south east heading towards Salton sea. Other people did see this in different directions. They look still and not moving, my other friend is in the northern area of Indio and said he seem these lights in a straight light moving fast over the Salton sea. I could not hear any sound and could only see in the distance. At the end they just disappear.

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  1. That’s some freaky shit. I filmed some orange glowing orbs moving erratically over the small town I live in and I’m not saying mine or your’s is extraterrestrial but wth these things are I have become obsessed with needing to know.

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