Amazing UFO sighting filmed over New York 27-Sep-2021

This strange phenomenon was filmed on 27th September 2021over New York City.

Witness report: Hanging out on my friend’s rooftop of his apartment building in Lower East Side in NYC. As we were hanging out, we noticed a very large bright light above the Chrysler Building, must brighter than light pollution. I’m born and raised in NYC and I could tell the difference between regular light pollution, even during an event, versus something abnormal. We didn’t pay it too much attention until the one large light started splitting off into several smaller lights, probably half a dozen or so. We were thinking maybe there’s a movie premier going on, but I don’t think that would happen in mid-town Manhattan — maybe in Tribeca or somewhere else, but I don’t know of any large movie theaters on the east side of 42nd Street. Then we noticed the lights immediately flew in all different directions. One flew over to Queens (roughly around Long Island City), one flew over to Brooklyn (roughly around Williamsburg or Greenpoint area), one flew to Tribeca or West Village, and all sort of just spread out in a flash. After some time, they would all fly back to the Chrysler Building area and rejoin as a group. You can see in one of the videos them flying off in separate areas and the other video of them together with one flying out a bit by itself and then coming back together. This was 2013 so this was taken with an iPhone 5s, which doesn’t have the best low light camera and sensor compared to today’s iPhone so it was hard to get footage of them in the different boroughs. Another thing to note was we noticed a helicopter flying extremely high up, almost above our neighborhood, and was watching the whole thing. I assumed it was NYPD, but couldn’t tell for certain. There would be no point of having a helicopter just floating in one position so late at night, especially that high up. If there was a sports game, it would be much lower to get some b-roll footage of the skyline, but this was way too high up and pointing in the direction of the UFOs. Lastly, it was overcast that night and the UFOs were definitely hiding in the clouds. Even when they would fly out from the clouds, you only saw a light, you didn’t see any objects or spaceships.

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  1. This is just a high power entertainment light. Concerts and festivals use them all the time. There was one over Belfast recently from a House Music event. Looks impressive, but actually very common.

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