Daytime UFO sighting over Newtown Square, PA 28-Oct-2021

This strange unidentified flying object was seen and filmed in the sky above Newtown Township, a township in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, United States on 28th October 2021.

Witness report: It was dark in color, no lights, and a rectangular type shape to it . I first saw it when I was crossing over Rt. 3 onto Bishop Hollow Rd. in Newtown Square PA, it was in front of me and to my right, I kept my eye on it and decided to try and get a closer look, I turned right onto Elgin Rd. And it was about 300-400 feet in the air, and off to my left about 100 yards, at first I thought it might be balloons, but it was obvious to me at this point it wasn’t balloons, then I thought it might be a kite, but there was no wind, so when I got to the end of Elgin Rd. I decided to try and get closer so I turned right and went down to Roe Ln to make a u turn and in that short time it was gone, I decided to try and find it I went half way back down Elgin Rd, and turned right onto a short side street connecting Elgin and Ellis Ave, I went up Ellis Ave and turned left onto Chestnut St. and turned then a right onto College Ave where I spotted it again only this time it was several miles away, on the other side of Rt. 3, that’s when I broke out my phone and recorded video of it, after about a minute or two of this I decided to try and chase it down, so I went back out onto Rt. 3 and when I looked back over to where it was, it was gone.

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