UFOs flying over Denver, Colorado yesterday

These bright lights were filmed in the sky above Denver, Colorado on 4th October 2021.

Witness report: On Monday the 4th of October at 7:35 pm I had taken my sick dog outside to use the restroom. I have to carry him out so after I set him down in the grass a bright light above me caught my eye. It was a very bright white light slowly moving from the north to the north east. It appeared to be moving strangely at times unnaturally almost scooting from one point to another while still on the path towards the north east. It didn’t have any blinking lights like a plane would and definitely was strange looking and acting, so I quickly ran in to get my phone so I could film it. I ran back out and begin to film. At that point I noticed it would periodically blink. As it flew over a plane flys by and you can clearly see the difference. Then as it got further away the light slowly dimmed until it was gone. It never came back. I stopped filming right before it disappeared then tried to start filming again as it disappeared but couldn’t catch it and I am kicking myself for it. I’d also like to mention I have a couple videos because I’d stop filming to move to the other side of my yard as it flew over because a tree was beginning to block my view. I also included the last 4 second video I took where I was trying to catch the last second of it disappearing, if anything you can see that it is gone and no longer there.

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  1. interesting clip .
    at 1st i thought they might be flares ya know military deceit, but the 2 bottom lights never kept descending and the top light went UP.
    my conclusion, if they weren’t helicopters, they were not FROM HERE .

  2. I cannot believe this person thinks his disgusting, vile, filthy mouth adds anything to the interesting video he posted. Absolutely disgraceful. I hope if those vehicles are of an alien origin I sincerely hope he’s the first individual they snatch up and fly back to wherever they came from.

  3. I did not appreciate the profanity, however he did capture two UFO’s hovering one over the other. With sightings like this it makes me wish that they had better equipment than a cheap cell phone.

  4. I see this exact phenomena EVERY single night in Denver. They’re literally just planes landing/taking off at DIA which is to the Northeast of Denver (where he said the lights were). When planes are flying directly towards/away from you they appear to be stationary in the sky.

    You can literally see the landing lights flashing on all of these, they look like they’re in a holding pattern since they’re all trying to land at the same time.

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