1. i have been waiting all my life for confirmation of my beleifs on this subject.ever since my first encounter with non earth beings in the early 50s i am 78 yrs old and have had other contacts since then.may we all hear the truth soon

    • I too hope to hear or see the truth before I pass away. I’ve witness them twice. Once at 12 years old. And another time at 55. I am 62 yrs old now. Both times I was with another person. 1st time my dad. 2nd time with my spouse. She saw it but refuses to acknowledge what she saw. She refuses to accept that we are not alone. Until one sees a ufo, ones concept of life will be questioned.

  2. Who believes the hoaxers, Secure Team?
    If they were speaking the Truth who would believe them because of their past record?

  3. Who would believe the hoaxers Secure Team? Known for their hoaxes and fake news. If they ever told the truth, who would believe them because of their past record?

  4. secureteam10 is probably close to the biggest full blown bullshit youtube channel on youtube. literally they are nothin but a joke. a laughing world mocks that channel as it has millions who subscribe only illuminates how stupid todays society has become.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Those guys have made a fortune peddling fake videos and utter rubbish. 90% of the time only an idiot would not spot the CGI infested garbage.

  5. Absolutely real but it’s one of our reverse engineered ships most likely the triangle us usually ours although a evil race of beings has the triangle as well.

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