UFOs filmed over Tampa, Florida 15-Nov-2021

These strange unknown lights were flying across the night sky above Tampa, FL on 15th November 2021.

Witness report: There were lights in the sky in a prominent formation. They moved, changed colors then disappeared. I can’t remember hour long I was watching, but it was a good amount of time

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  1. Why do party lanterns continue to baffle everyone? How are they consistently popping up as UFO captures? It’s really very annoying, especially when you have to wait for them to do something strange, because surely everyone knows what they are by now, so they must be doing something amazing, NOPE, wasted time again. smh

    • And how come nobody is concerned with focus? Blurry stars, and party lanterns are rarely in focus, presumably because they look boring as themselves. Do this, go outside at night and video the brightest star in the sky, zoom in as close as you can and don’t focus, leave it blurry, you now have one of the most popular UFO videos, as it will appear to show moving colors, maybe spinning and doing all sorts of cool things. lol

  2. vimana pilot;
    what kind of parties do you go to that they do this for entertainment? i, for one, have never heard of or seen anyone using party lanterns. unless you mean tiki torches. but those don’t fly.
    not saying that you’re wrong, but how many people disregard a possibly real ufo as just another hoax even if it hit them on the head?
    unless the possible ufo is a few feet away, chances are great that you will not get a clear video of it. also, there are many stories of mechanical or electrical equipment malfunctioning during such views. just some possibilities to your skeptics.

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