UFO lights filmed over Alaska 4-Jan-2022

New UFO video off the coast of Alaska 20 miles east of Mt. Redoubt. The event took place on 4th January 20222 at approximately 7:17pm Alaskan standard and lasted around three minutes time, according to witnesses it was extremely bright.

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  1. Would somebody like to comment on the fact that UFOs often appear to hurtle around with their lights fully switched on. I am sure they don’t need them for navigation purposes and their intensity is not sufficient to illuminate the terrain they are passing over. Are the occupants just a big tease?

  2. I always have questioned UFOs with lights, usually, they don’t seem to want to be seen. I have seen 3, one quite clearly in the daytime, (no camera) and 2 at night which I would NEVER have seen if I hadn’t been looking up, as it made no noise was very large and had no lights.

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