? Amazing video of triangle UFO over Michigan ?

Here’s one UFO sighting of a triangle-shaped craft over Michigan, this time with 2 additional white lights and the central red light flashing. Possible TR-3B sighting? This happened back in July 16, 2020 at 9 pm but the video just came out recently.

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Link: youtube.com/c/LUFOS-UFO
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    • There seems to be a lot of ultracrepidarians, on your web pages.
      I stood beside two live Aliens in their UFO for some 5 minutes, that was exciting.
      My late friend and I, had this incredible experience, 5 feet away, 1st in the World.
      I want to make a Movie, give UFO Safety Events, because what we did, was the opposite
      to what Travis Walton did, in the USA, & he was “abducted” into a UFO, read his story.

  1. The young woman has a potty mouth, which spoils the video, but does suggest authenticity.

    UFO WITNESSES! Instead of all the Fing curse words, how about something like this:
    “It’s February 2, 2022, xx:xx PM, and I’m here in observing what appears to be lights in the sky that are not typical aircraft lights. Those typically have one red, one greed, one white and one strobe light (on landings, you might see a couple of spotlights pointed forward). These lights resemble the triangular TR-3B alleged photos. We heard no noise, and there were a couple of farmers shooting at the lights….”

    That’s a worthwhile voiceover of a UFO sighting, People, TAKE NOTE

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