UFO hovering above Kiev, Ukraine 5-Mar-2022

I just found this UFO video of alleged sighting over Kiev in Ukraine on 5th March 2022. Although I find it a little strange that the city is so full of lights during this hard times.

What do you think?


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  1. As you say very odd that the city lights are all on!
    I find this one difficult to believe
    Maybe it’s a video from a different date.

    • Iv e stood beside a UFO with my late friend, that had two live Aliens in it, that extended for 5 minutes.= That was in Australia. Your photos don t reveal much for anyone to be confident, to say, they are UFO s?….I want to give World wide UFO Safety Events
      and am looking for an EVENT MANAGER, because what we did, was the opposite to whaT Travis WALTON did in the USA, when he was abducted into a UFO.

    • Exactly the problem. In the middle of a bombing raid you do not light up the city like a discotheque basically guiding the bombers to their target

  2. Poorly done fake. What is that? Fairy dust coming off it? LOL Whoever did this has a long way to go and a lot to learn about creating fake videos. I don’t know why they expose themselves to the humiliation.?

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