AMAZING 2 UFOs over Paris, France YESTERDAY

This really interesting UFO sighting of 2 (maybe) linked objects flying across the sky above Paris in France was filmed yesterday (21st April 2022).

Witness report: This happened 30 minutes ago in Paris at 10 PM. It’s interesting because 3 people caught the same thing at the same time in different locations. (My father filmed this) Me and my father are from argentina and went to paris on vacations.

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  1. Hello,
    I saw it last night above my home in Auvergne. I first saw to the west a small transparent cloud appear, become super bright and slowly pass in front of my house. The cloud was in 2 parts with in the middle a ball of white light and just at the top of the cloud, a band of light, like a white neon which moved with the rest… The clouds were transparent because I could see the starry sky from through. Apparently it was all part of the same vehicle. Then he slowly disappeared in the dark towards the east. I don’t had the time to tak my phone for filming…

  2. Hello
    I saw this last night on the south coast of England (Eastbourne) whilst out walking the dogs with my 16 year old daughter. There were no clouds at all, a completely clear night, there was no noise, no green or red flashing lights if it had been a plane and no planes located on Flight Radar app!! Weird!!

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