Huge cigar-shaped UFO over Frederic & Luck, Wisconsin 14-May-2022

This huge cigar-shaped UFO was filmed in the sky above Frederic and Luck in Wisconsin on 14th May 2022.

Witness report: Saw a very large cigar shape object hovering floating in the sky over the mountain. Airplane flew towards the object but as it got clasper the airplane disappeared because of the distance but the cigar shape was huge so I could easily see it

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    • My wife and I saw this exact same thing on night of Aug. 19 2022 right around 10 pm. It looked just like in the video. This was in NE ohio we are near Ravenna area and the ufo was way up in the north. I was only able to see for about 45 seconds as it was moving east at the time and was low so the trees started to block it as it moved.

      • On the same date and time myself and 2 family members in the Kancamagus Highway NH, Passaconaway Campground walked to the river at night to see the stars and all saw the same thing together. It was going slanted sideways lift to right (according to them) then (when I saw) it was positioned straight upward going up and then all lights faded out slowly. Completely silent. Very large.

  1. We observed a similar (or same) object at 51°40’56.2″N 114°53’25.9″W on May 14, 2022 at 10:35 pm MT.

  2. I seen a cylinder also, which looked like that a few years ago, in Wisconsin too. It was daylight and came over our land, and just low enough to know there were no wings anywhere, and made no sound.Deb

  3. This is real… Myself and two other people witnessed the same exact ship just East of Luck in Lac du Flambeau the same exact night and at almost the same exact time. Check it out. Our sightings corroborate each others pictures and testimony. I finally feel like what I saw is real.

  4. “UFO Disclosure – Is it possible or just a dream?”
    Interview with Glenn Steckling, Director Adamski Foundation

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