“Observed Bright light making unusual directional changes” over Mooloolaba, Australia

This strange UFO sighting was filmed back on 19th December 2021 over Mooloolaba, a coastal suburb of Maroochydore in the Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland, Australia.

Witness report: I initially observed a bright light travelling south down the Sunshine Coast area near Mooloolaba. I initially thought it might be a helicopter with a search or spot light. However I was sure I noticed it suddenly reversing direction and making sudden downward and upward movements. I grabbed my S21 Samsung phone and recorded approx 30 seconds of footage until I was about to loose site behind a tree. I immediately went onto flight radar and there was nothing in the area. I then tried to get another visual but it was unable to find the object. When I zoom in on my recording you can clearly see the unusual movements.

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