UAP footage shot by a US Army helicopter has just been made public

During a training exercise in Arizona in 2018, UAP obtained a video from an Army Apache Attack Helicopter.

In the year 2018, on November 6th, the pilots of a US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter were participating in a military drill in Arizona when they saw three unidentified aircraft phenomena, or UAPs, doing abnormal maneuvers in the air not that far away and not very up in the sky.

At least, that’s the tale that accompanied the newest piece of what used to be known as a UFO video released to YouTube on Friday in the AMs by the science, defense, and technology website The Debrief, in conjunction with the commencement of a UFO Disclosure Symposium that weekend in Vernal, Utah.


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The video was shot from an airfield on the desert floor, looking up, where 3 UFOs can be seen traveling throughout the sky at what appears to be a quick rate.

One of the pilots questioned if those were three incredibly fast jets up there, to which another pilot replied that they were most likely A-10s or F-16s.

The 3 beams of light appeared to dance around each other as they move, defying known physics for a mechanical aircraft.

Former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot Chris Lehto told The DeBrief that the circle-dance maneuver is just not conceivable. They do a full 360-degree turn in under 3 seconds.

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