2 UFOs filmed in Atlanta during severe electrical storm YESTERDAY

This strange UFO aerial phenomenon was filmed over Atlanta, Georgia yesterday.

Witness report: I filmed this in Atlanta early this morning 7/30/2022. A severe electrical storm rolled through the neighborhood so I decided to see if I could get some cool lightning videos. As soon as I walked on my patio, a bolt of lightning struck the parking lot 30 feet away. I quickly propped up my phone and retreated inside. Upon reviewing the footage this morning with my wife, I noticed some orbs I could see on my phone screen. Only when the video was cast to my huge flat screen did I notice the lights. Two orbs appeared directly after the flash, and remained there bobbing. One disappears a few times and returns. Keep in mind, the sky was 100% overcast, these lights were below the clouds. They are dancing/bobbing in a weird way. You can see the tree in the foreground not moving the same as the orbs.

KillerBlueWaffles @ Reddit

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  1. I saw these two in the sky and I’m all the way in Brooklyn n.y. and I was on the phone with a friend telling her what I was seeing as they was passing by…at first it was one the out of nowhere another one came and they where moving side by side then about five seconds after it flew over me I felt what was like a power surge go through my body..I had my phone in my hand and at the same time I felt the power surge my phone mad a wired sound..I swear to God..I told another friend about all this

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