CGI recreation of a UFO encounter in Germany (Amazing TR-3B sighting)

Witness report: This encounter happened on July 25th, 2013 in Germany right at the French border. It was 10:30pm when my ex and I went outside to have a cigarette.

While we were talking, I noticed 3 oddly bright stars in the corner of my eye. I looked over my shoulder and in that moment those „stars“ quickly descended. BOOM. There it was. Completely unexpected! A pitch black triangular craft hovering completely silent about 30 feet above our heads, „looking“ at us belly first. Each side was approximately 30 feet long. Its lights were extremely bright, yet not blinding. I would describe them as „pure lights“. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

We were absolutely gobsmacked. Like deer caught in the headlights. We felt paralyzed. As if we were hypnotized or controlled. Just frozen and staring in disbelief. Everything was or seemed silent in that moment. Before, you could hear frogs and crickets. They were quite noisy. It was as if time had stopped. Oddly enough neither of us was able to say if that encounter had lasted 5, seconds, 30 seconds or 3 minutes.

Before it took off, it moved super fast from the left, upwards and to right. It was „zigzagging“. Like a ping pong ball. It was totally surreal. I did not understand what was happening. Then it shot off towards space in an instant. It was so fast, it left trails of light behind like in that Star Wars scene when they hit warp or light speed. And during all of this it didn’t make the slightest noise. Nothing! We immediately turned our heads towards each other and confirmed that we really just saw, what we saw.

We looked up again, then at each other again and without saying a word we ran inside the house, because fear and the flight instinct kicked in. However, my curiosity quickly took over and I went outside again, but the craft never returned. So yeah, that’s my story. I didn’t choose to have that sighting, but it happened. It was a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I feel lucky to know for a fact, that the phenomenon is real. But a curse, because many people don’t believe me and choose ridicule. I got over that, though.

What’s worse is, that this incident has created a ton of questions but not many answers. I will NOT say or claim, that what we saw was ET. I simply have no way of knowing that. But what I know, is that the craft was 100% real. Needless to say, that that night has changed my life forever. I used to be the most hardcore atheist, making fun of religion. So I kind of deserved the ridicule. It didn’t make me religious though. Just a lot more open minded. I still don’t believe in a god, especially not in the biblical sense. I’d still say that aliens interdimensional theories or black budget projects seem more plausible to me than a biblical god. But I will never claim that I know anything. Since that night, I KNOW THAT I KNOW NOTHING!

All credit of creating this video goes to @fin365 on Twitter!

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