Fort Lupton, Colorado UFO Sighting

Check out this interesting footage of a huge daytime UFO in the sky above Fort Lupton, Colorado. This was filmed on 6th August 2022!

Witness report: Thought it was a ballon but it was not moving with the wind and we were experiencing high winds and rain at time of sighting. Was moving slow to the west and had to stop video taping. Then went straight up real high and parked or hovered there for a while and that’s when second time I started filming again. Zoomed in on my video and it looks like a ball of energy. A straight beam would come out of it really weird.

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  1. This is exactly what I saw here in Orlando yesterday evening. The only difference is that in the middle was a hole , like a donut, and it would twist around and as it turned you can see the hole and then it would cover up then again you can see the hole and then it covered while it was twisting. Same color. Same weird pixely stuff around the object.

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