279-year-old file discovered on “first of its type” sight over Westminster in the London UFO mystery

Doctor Cromwell Mortimer saw an unexplained flying object soaring above downtown London on December 16, 1742, and he reported it to authorities. Mr. Mortimer, who was the secretary of the Royal Society at the time, observed the enigmatic object as it moved “slowly” above St. James’s Park around 8:40 p.m. while on his way home to Westminster. He noted that the object was moving quite slowly, which gave him about 30 seconds to acquire a good view of it.

Despite being short, 30 seconds is a lot longer than most sightings of meteors and other such phenomena.

He was even able to draw a schematic of the item, which he described in his 1746 report, which was recently discovered in the journal Philosophical Transactions, vol. XLIII.

In the south by west point, he claimed, “I saw a light appear hidden behind the woods and homes.”

After reaching a height of around 20 degrees, it moved in a direction that was almost aligned to the horizon and passed above the residences.

As he continued to observe the object, he thought that its route had taken it precisely over Bloomsbury, over Queen’s Square, and toward the nearby canal.

He also wrote that he had lost sight of it over the Haymarket.

Its action was so slow, he said, that I was able to see it for more than a minute and spend enough time studying it.

His illustration showed a thing with a blazing head that was “contained as it were in an open box” and bound by “bands of iron.”

Like contemporary airplanes, the extraterrestrial had a lengthy tail of light that was progressively becoming fainter.

The British UFO investigator Steve Mera was quoted by The Sun as saying, “It is the very first of its sort.”

People watching it from a balcony, he continued. They had good financial standing, which promoted thorough investigation.

The military has reported 400 sightings of UFOs and had 11 near experiences with them over the years, according to a top Pentagon officer who testified before the US Congress.

Due to a considerable increase in statements from military personnel concerning prior encounters, the stigma associated with reporting UFO sightings has decreased over the last several years, and this number has more than doubled.

These days, an “unidentified flying object” (UFO) may not always indicate alien sightings; it might even be highly developed drones.

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