This is a leaked photo of the Varginha, Brazil Alien. This could be authentic!

In 1996, various people in the Varginha area of Brazil reported seeing multiple UFOs. According to media reports, the military was able to capture one or more of these extraterrestrial beings.

For over two decades, researcher and former student of the Varginha Beings, Vitorio Pacaccini, kept a low-profile. He just revealed that in 2012, a high-ranking military officer gave him permission to watch a video of the creature. At a secret location, the officer showed him a laptop that contained the footage.

The creature was described the same way as did the local girls that witnessed this alien being. It had a large head and enormous red eyes that protruded from its socket. They tried to get it to move, but it fell and staggered. It was then brought back to its feet.

They tried to give it fruits and vegetables, but it didn’t accept them. It also didn’t want water. The room they were in was reportedly the office of a military installation, which was most likely at the ESA. At various times in the video, the military talked about the creature’s bad odor and told the medics to hurry up and finish filming.

According to Pacaccini, the creature’s genetic analyses revealed that it had an ancestry of human DNA. All of the captured aliens were sent to the United States.

He claims that the videos and photos of the extraterrestrials taken by the paramedics at the Humanitas and Regional hospitals will be released soon.

UPDATE: Vitorio Pacaccini talks about Varginha Beings photos and videos (english subtitles)

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  1. effectivement il y à de quoi être dubitatif je pense que cette vidéo est authentique
    chacun son opinion et sa penser trop de personnes doutes de cette vérité
    indeed there is reason to be doubtful I think this video is authentic
    everyone has their own opinion and thinks too many people doubt this truth

  2. This was already debunked as a prop from a Brazilian documentary about the incident. Please do like 5 minutes of research on the web before posting this misinformation.

  3. This is not what Aliens look like.
    The Visitors are not life forms that are dangerous, my “friends” have learned to trust me, the wonderment of discovery. I will not call police or media, I gave my word

  4. when are we going to start using what i know we learned by now you know flat screens and computers come from them but to travel threw dimentions daly

  5. Fake!
    Silikon-Puppe! – Requisite von El caso extraterrestre de Varginha (yotube)
    Man will nur wieder mit Hilfe der Medien Geld verdienen !!!

  6. The aliens who apparently die in crashes and are captured are replicants, hybrides not the real thing. Engineered for exploration and species gathering. They are expendable and are merely AI creations for deep space species examination & so are expendable. Probably more human than human, still fully conscious, intelligent, self defensive and used like remote telemetry. Not to be messed around with.

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