Three pulsating lights hovering above English Mountain, Dandridge, Tennessee

This UFO video was filmed over English Mountain in Tennessee on 27th October 2022.

Witness report: Lights were observed over English Mountain in Sevier County, TN. At first 3 lights were visible but they were constantly changing, with one, two or three lights visible. At times they were steady but at other times, they seemed to pulsate. They would occasionally dart from side to side or up or down but they stayed in the same location for close to an hour. The neighborhood dogs were all barking and my dog was very nervous. I went in and out of my house several times and it was still there until it vanished.
On my trips out to view the object I was able to use my phone to record 4 short videos

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  1. I witnessed these exact same pulsating lights for 20 minutes or more in Paris, Arkansas on August 15th, 2022 around 12:30am while coming home from work. It was mostly just the 2 and then the 3rd would appear as one one of the others went out. And then it’d be down to one and it would move from the west towards east and as soon as it went out another would appear bright as could be right where the previous one had originated from.

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