New Evidence on Ariel School UFO incident

Ariel School UFO incident

Unseen photos show the imprints and wedge-shaped impressions left by unidentified flying objects in a field in Zimbabwe in 1994. More than 60 scholars witnessed the incident.

According to a report by, the imprints left by the alleged UFO were found in the ground in Zimbabwe. The incident reportedly happened in 1994.

In September 1994, a group of students from the Ariel School in Ruwa said they saw a disc-shaped object flying across the field. Some of them also claimed that there were creatures from the UFO.

For researchers, the case has been a long-standing interest. However, they had not been able to piece together the exact details of the incident due to lack of physical evidence.

Gunter Hofer, a photographer who was one of the first individuals on the scene, shared his pictures with, which showed the alleged alien craft’s oval and wedge-shaped impressions in the ground.

After initially not finding anything in the area where the students said they saw the UFO, Hofer later realized that some of them also spotted the UFO the previous day.

Upon further inspection, he came across two oval-shaped objects and a wedge-shaped mark that had flattened the grass. According to Hofer, the area where the objects were found was made of rock-solid ground due to the country’s long drought.

The photos were acquired by before the release of a documentary about the incident, which features interviews with the students.

The photos show the imprints left by the alleged alien craft in the field. More than 60 witnesses reportedly saw the UFO in 1994.

Ariel School UFO incident 2

Almost three decades ago, a group of students from the Ariel School drew attention after they said they saw a disc-shaped object flying across the field. Some of them also claimed that they saw creatures from the UFO.

After the incident, a psychiatrist from Harvard conducted an interview with the students to determine if they were telling the truth. He concluded that the students were telling the truth. acquired the photos before the documentary about the incident, titled Ariel Phenomenon, was released. The new revelation about the incident comes as UFO sightings are gaining interest in the US.

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