The sixth night of UFOs in Porto Alegre, Brazil

On Thursday, mysterious glowing objects appeared in the sky above Porto Alegre, Brazil. Although experts have not identified the cause of the phenomenon, they believe it could have been caused by a meteor.

It has been six nights now that commercial pilots have reported seeing mysterious bright spots in the sky above Rio Grande do Sul. The origin of the objects has not been determined.

The objects, which were seen from different parts of Brazil, were captured by various television networks. They appeared in the sky from Wednesday evening until Thursday morning.

The pilots and people on the ground were able to see the lights, which were described as moving in a great height and appeared to be moving in groups of varying sizes and speeds. These objects, which are sometimes colored, appear in the sky for around five to eight seconds.

On Wednesday, a pilot reported seeing a bright spot in the sky at 11:49 pm. Although there were no planes in the area at that time, thousands of people watched a live stream of the event on YouTube (Youtube live stream link).

Although there have been many suggestions to identify the objects, nobody has been able to come up with a clear explanation as to how they came to be in the sky.

After seeing the same phenomenon in Porto Alegre, several commercial pilots reported seeing new lights in the sky as well. Reports about sightings in Curitiba were also received.

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  1. A more accurate study is placing the starlink satellite network as the main target in justifying the filming and sightings made in Porto Alegre on the ground. As for the sightings made by pilots, some of them do not qualify as a justification for the presence of starlink satellites. They need more investigation.
    Marcio Parussini (Porto Alegre city)

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