This Brazilian farmer “may be first in world to be killed by UFO”

Local newspaper report about this strange event

According to this book (Amazon link), a farmer may have been the first person in the world killed by a UFO.

Luis Barroso Fernandes, a Brazilian, died mysteriously after claiming that he was attacked by small extraterrestrials that came out of a “strange disc”.

Philip Mantle, a British investigator, believes that the incident that led to the death of Luis Barroso Fernandes could be the first case of a UFO killing a person.

According to the book, Luis said he heard a buzzing sound and spotted an unidentified object in the sky.

He claimed that the object was about 30 meters from him when it hit the ground. He then said that two small alien creatures came from it.

Luis Barroso Fernandes

He said that the creatures attacked him and his donkey, causing them to become paralyzed. He woke up to find that he was several meters away from the object. He also had burn marks on his face.

After finding the farmer, a cowboy took him to his wife, who then called the doctors. They reportedly could not diagnose his strange condition.

After hearing the farmer’s story, Dr. Antnio Moreira Magalhes, a psychiatrist, concluded that the incident was very serious. Although he didn’t believe in flying saucers at that time, he admitted that something happened to the farmer.

Following the incident in 1973, the doctor ordered a tranquilizer and an anti-allergy drug for the farmer.

Luis Barroso Fernandes

Despite the treatment, Fernandes still felt ill. His body continued to hurt. His left side of his body was still red, and burning eyes were still visible.

The book also stated that after the incident, his hair started to fall grey and he had memory lapses. Although his friends and family claimed that he was in good health before the alleged incident, his health started to deteriorate.

His relatives took him to a psychiatric hospital. According to the book, 16 doctors examined him, but none of them could diagnose his condition.

After learning about the incident, Dr. Magalhes carried out his own investigation and diagnosed Fernandes’ worsening mental condition.

Fernandes died in 1993. Before his death, he could barely utter the words “Mom,” “give,” and “fear.” A couple of students, a radio broadcaster, and military personnel also reported seeing a UFO over the city that same day.

Philip Mantle, a former official of the UFO Research Association, has written a book about the incident.

According to him, many people claimed to have been in direct contact with the extraterrestrial creatures. Some also stated that the objects hurt them.

Although the book states that there were minor injuries on Fernandes’ body, he most likely became the first person to die after being attacked by a UFO.

Author of the book Thiago Ticchetti stated that contact with extraterrestrials is rare. He noted that when objects shoot a beam of light at an individual, it is extremely rare for them to hit their face.

In addition, Brazil has a huge amount of uranium that it can sell to Iran for its nuclear program. This could be the reason why there’s a lot of UFO and alien activity in the country.

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