This day in UFO history: Travis Walton was abducted by aliens


Travis Walton was abducted on 5th November 1975 and was missing for 5 days. So on these days, 47 years ago, he was on alien’s spaceship.

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was supposed to be working his usual shift in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona. Little did he know that he would suddenly experience something that he’ll never forget.

After a long day of work, Travis and his six crew members were on their way home when they suddenly noticed a mysterious glow in the trees. As they continued driving, they eventually saw that the light was coming from a structure.

After seeing an object that he initially thought was a UFO, Travis decided to approach it as it was still hovering in the clearing. However, moments after he made his approach, he was suddenly struck by a bright bluish-green light. He was sent flying backward by the beam of light.

Witnesses claimed that a massive beam of light appeared in the sky and completely lit up the forest. It was compared to a bolt of lightning and a flame.

The crew’s manager, Mike Rogers, immediately left the area as the other members of the group were still stunned by what they saw. The other crew members then went back to the area to try and help Travis. However, they were surprised to see that he was still missing.

After looking for several minutes, the crew could not find Travis. They then contacted the local sheriff. They told him that a flying saucer carried their friend Travis. To prove their case, the sheriff and Mike Rogers, a UFO expert, conducted a search of the area.

The six of his coworkers were then accused of murder. Even though there were no other explanations as to what happened to Travis, Mike Rogers and the others stuck to their story. They claimed that they saw a UFO shoot a beam at Travis before it disappeared.

The exact details of what happened after Travis was hit by the flying saucer remain unclear. However, through a hypnosis session conducted by Dr. James Harder in the 1970s, the rest of the story was revealed. During the session, which was attended by several doctors and psychiatrists, Harder discussed the case with Travis and his psychiatrist. According to Harder, the evidence presented in the case is as valid as it would be in an American court.

According to Travis, he blacked out after he was hit by the beam of light. He claims that he felt a “numbing shock.” The next thing that he could remember was waking up in an oddly shaped room. He said that as he opened his eyes, he saw three creatures standing over him.

According to Walton, he was held down by a device that was placed over his chest. He then tried to scare the creatures by waving an object around. He claims that the creatures were about four to five feet tall and had enlarged heads.

Travis described the alleged beings as having large brown eyes and wearing orange jumpsuits. They were similar to the descriptions given by other witnesses.

After the creatures left, Travis wandered around the room. He soon found himself inside a room that looked like a planetarium. Two more beings then approached him and took him to another location. He believes that he was transported from the scout ship he was in. He recalls these beings putting a mask over his face, which caused him to black out. However, beyond that, he has no recollection of what happened to him.

Initially, the case of Travis Walton was regarded as a missing person. For several days, the authorities in Arizona conducted a search for him using helicopters and scent dogs. The search, which was the most extensive in the state’s history, ended when Walton was found.

On November 10, 1975, Travis was found lying on the side of the road. He said that he woke up to realize that a metallic mirror-like object was flying above him. He immediately ran to get help. He then called his family after he found a phone booth in Heber, Arizona.

The phone booth Travis used to call for help
The phone booth Travis used to call for help

Upon being found, Travis was taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with a wound on his right arm. He also lost a significant amount of weight. Five of the six witnesses who were interviewed during the investigation passed their polygraph tests. One of the witnesses, Alan Dalis, refused to participate in the test after he argued with Travis the morning of the incident.

Medical records indicated that no drugs were found in his system, and he passed a lie detector test. Travis eventually came back with faint memories of being visited by aliens and being accidentally shown a star system from the cockpit of the spaceship. He believes that the beam hit him in the chest and head, and it killed him. He also believes that he was transported to the spaceship to be revived.

It has been widely believed that if Travis had been lost or hiding in the forest, he would have probably died at night. Temperatures at that time reached around 8 degrees Fahrenheit.

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