The Bermuda Triangle’s Strange Encounter: A Government Plane Captures a Mysterious Object Splitting

The Bermuda Triangle, located between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, is known for its unexplained phenomena and UFO sightings. In 2013, a United States Customs and Border Patrol plane caught a strange pinkish light on thermal imaging camera as it approached the airport in Agua Dia, Puerto Rico. The footage showed a metallic sphere moving quickly around the airport before heading out to sea and appearing to splash down before resurfacing and splitting into two separate craft. The object then disappeared from view after nearly four minutes.

The footage, captured by a government plane’s infrared camera, has been analyzed by experts from the Scientific Coalition for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. The telemetry from the camera matched radar data, indicating that the object was real. The object’s temperature was also analyzed and found to be roughly 104 degrees, eliminating the possibility of it being a jet engine. The object’s size was estimated to be between three and five feet in diameter, ruling out the possibility of it being a balloon or a drone. The experts were also skeptical that it was a bird, due to the object’s ability to go in and out of the water and split into two separate craft.

While it is difficult to explain the exact nature of the object, the experts concluded that it is most likely a UFO. Puerto Rico has a long history of interesting sightings and encounters with USOs (unidentified submerged objects) in the area. The credible footage and analysis make this case a strong example of a possible UFO sighting.

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