The Mysterious UFO Over Chile: Real Life UFO Footage Caught On Camera

Real Life UFO Footage Caught On Camera

Chile is home to an astonishing number of UFO sightings, with more per capita than any other country. So much so that the government founded an official agency, Cifa, to investigate these claims and keep Chile’s vast airspace as clear as possible. In this article, we delve into one of the most intriguing UFO cases in recent years, captured on video by Chile’s own military.

A Glimpse into the Unknown

Josh Gates was invited to Cifa to meet with its director, Hugo Camus, communications chief Karen Navarro, and the director of Chile’s civil aviation agency, Ricardo Gutierrez. They showed him footage of a mysterious object in the sky, captured by a Navy helicopter crew. The object was invisible to radar and appeared to be hovering in place before expelling something and disappearing.

Searching for an Explanation

To further investigate this compelling case, Gates met with Alberto Solari, a researcher who has spent almost a decade analyzing UFO reports. Solari devised an ingenious experiment to explain the mysterious Navy footage by attempting to recreate it. He arranged for a hot air balloon to run parallel to a helicopter, allowing them to film it with the same thermal camera used by the Navy pilots.

A Hot Air Balloon, or Something More?

The hot air balloon displayed some similarities to the UFO in the footage, but differences in shape and movement were apparent. When the balloon released bursts of hot gas from its onboard propane system, the gas was barely perceptible on the thermal camera. They then tried using a fire extinguisher to emit a visible, colder gas, but still, the results were inconclusive.

Conclusion: A True UFO

Despite Solari’s best efforts, the experiment failed to provide a sufficient explanation for the mysterious object in the video. This leaves the case open and the object’s origin up for debate. Is it an extraterrestrial craft or an unknown phenomenon? It seems that, for now, the truth behind this captivating UFO sighting remains shrouded in mystery.

Real Life UFO Footage Caught On Camera | Expedition Unknown: Hunt For Extraterrestrials

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  1. This is quite obviously an aircraft viewed from behind with the hot engines showing up black (hot) and the contrail appearing and dissappearing as the aircraft passes through layers of air with different humidity/temperature. Cannot understand why anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of aviation and thermal image cameras cannot identify this!

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