Recent UFO Hearings: A Step Towards Transparency

Yesterday marked a significant milestone in the UFO discourse, as a congressional hearing on the topic took place. The hearing aimed to gather information on recent UFO sightings and address the potential national security implications of these phenomena. Members of Congress heard testimonies from experts in the field, including representatives from the AARO and independent researchers, who shared their insights on the matter. The hearing highlighted the growing importance of transparency in this area and demonstrated the government’s commitment to shedding light on these mysterious occurrences. This open discussion signals a shift in attitude towards the UFO phenomenon, with authorities now treating it as a subject of genuine scientific inquiry and public concern. The hearing is expected to encourage further research, as well as foster increased collaboration between government agencies, the scientific community, and the public in the pursuit of understanding the enigmatic nature of UFOs.

New UFO Footage Raises Questions

In an unprecedented move, the United States government released three new UFO videos captured by drone footage. These videos, which originate from different parts of the world, depict round, metallic objects moving at remarkable speeds. The AARO, a division within the Department of Defense, has been tasked with investigating these sightings and determining whether they pose a threat to national security.

VIDEO: Orb video released by AARO at hearing

MQ9 Reaper drone captures mysterious UAP, leaving experts puzzled. Commonly encountered, but identity still unknown.

While some of these UFO sightings can be explained by natural phenomena or human-made objects, a small percentage remains unexplained, further piquing the interest of UFO enthusiasts and the scientific community alike. The AARO has urged researchers to submit their findings and analyses for peer review in credible scientific journals, emphasizing that true scientific progress is achieved through collaboration and open communication.

VIDEO: AARO unveils Orb video, plus follow-up slides & Dr. Kirkpatrick’s complete statement on the incident

The Enigmatic Sphere: A Potential Piece of Alien Technology

In addition to the recent UFO footage, a captivating story has emerged about a man named Jim Marlin, who claims to have an alien artifact in his possession. This artifact, a 50-pound metallic sphere, was allegedly dropped from a UFO and has been with Jim for over 40 years. The sphere has displayed unexplained behavior, such as spontaneous movement, which has led Jim to believe that it may contain alien technology.

VIDEO: Ross Coulthart investigative piece on the Jim Marlin has become more fascinating after the hearing

Ross Coulthart investigative piece on the Jim Marlin has become more fascinating after the hearing.
by u/DragonfruitOdd1989 in UFOs

Jim’s sphere has caught the attention of Professor Gary Nolan from Stanford University, who has taken an interest in examining its origin and composition. Utilizing advanced technologies such as secondary ion mass spectrometry, Professor Nolan and his team aim to determine if there is anything anomalous about the sphere that might suggest extraterrestrial origins.

The Mosul Orb and Other UFO Sightings

The recent UFO footage is not the first time that strange flying objects have captured the public’s attention. The Mosul Orb, another mysterious object released by the Department of Defense, has also sparked widespread speculation and curiosity. These sightings raise important questions about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the possibility that our planet has been visited by beings from other worlds.


April 19th UFO hearing saw only three Senators participating. A larger group attended the classified portion, which ran overtime, leading them to skip this session.

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  1. CosmoSpheres were known in the 1990s. We wrote about them, and I (MediaMike) talked about them on internet radio (before the term ‘podcast’ had been invented).

  2. anybody seen the soap bubble orbs? i was out walking during the pandemic and was simply amazed, that something like that existed. clear, blue, translucent, fast, inquisitive. surface tension relationships differintiated them from soap bubbles in a wind.

    • Never saw the soap bubbles but my Mrs and I spotted (3) of the dull orange glowing orbs one Thanksgiving evening, I think it was 1988 or 89. They appeared to be about the size of a pea held at arms length and travelled in a straight line equally spaced (about (2) peas worth). They then winked out, not like a Chinese lantern flickering and going out, but like someone threw a switch. “Click” and all (3) were gone. Was pretty cool.

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