The Forgotten UFO Files: Revelations from Colonel Wendelle Stevens’ Hidden Archive

The world of UFO enthusiasts has been abuzz after the recent discovery of long-lost photographs of a supposed flying saucer with an F117 stealth aircraft, taken in Nevada in 1981. These eight astonishing photos have surfaced in our Facebook group called “Latest UFO Sightings,” thanks to the efforts of a man named Dustin Schutta, who also host a podcast called Flying Chariots The Rise. The origin of these images is a fascinating tale of intrigue, mystery, and the pursuit of truth.

Schutta acquired the photographs from the archives of the late Colonel Wendelle Stevens, a highly respected and renowned figure in the world of UFO research. Stevens, born in 1923, was a decorated World War II veteran and retired US Air Force pilot. His military career saw him serve in various capacities, including as a pilot, communications officer, and intelligence officer.

Colonel Wendelle Stevens
Colonel Wendelle Stevens

After retiring from the military, Stevens dedicated his life to UFO research, amassing an extensive collection of over 4,000 UFO photographs and investigating hundreds of sightings. He authored several books, including the famous “UFO Contact” series, and was considered one of the foremost experts on UFO phenomena at the time of his death in 2010.

After Stevens’ passing, a close associate named John Hughes took responsibility for maintaining the storage locker containing the late colonel’s vast collection of UFO material. Tragically, Hughes passed away in February 2018, and the locker was eventually acquired by a single bidder. The contents were subsequently transferred to Back of Beyond Books in Moab, Utah, which began auctioning off pieces from the archive.

Dustin Schutta happened upon this treasure trove of UFO history in 2022 and was fortunate enough to win several bids for Stevens’ photographs. Among these were the now-famous images of the flying saucer and F117 stealth aircraft, which have reignited interest in the UFO phenomenon and Colonel Wendelle Stevens’ remarkable legacy.

The photos raise several questions and offer potential new insights into the UFO phenomenon. Were these images taken during a secret military test, or is this evidence of extraterrestrial visitation? Why did these images remain hidden for so long, and what other mysteries lie within Colonel Stevens’ archives?

As enthusiasts continue to scrutinize the newly discovered images, it is clear that Colonel Wendelle Stevens’ dedication to unraveling the UFO mystery has left a lasting impact. As more of his archives are unveiled, we can expect further revelations and intriguing discoveries that challenge our understanding of the unknown.

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  1. exceptional documents but where are the other proofs how many hidden documents I find shocking not to tell the truth afraid of who of what?

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