Theo Von Asks Neil deGrasse Tyson About Aliens


In a recent video that has captured the attention of viewers, comedian Theo Von engaged in a conversation with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the universe, aliens, and other fascinating subjects. The discussion took an entertaining and thought-provoking turn as they touched on various topics, providing a unique perspective on the cosmos and our place in it.

The Universe on a Continuum

One of the most memorable moments in the video occurs when Theo Von humorously asks if the universe is “gay or straight.” In response, Neil deGrasse Tyson explains that the universe exists on a continuum, rather than fitting into specific categories. This idea extends to other aspects of life, such as our tendency to categorize hurricane strengths into distinct levels when, in reality, it’s a continuous spectrum.

This concept serves as a reminder that our minds often try to simplify complex ideas and phenomena into more manageable, binary categories. However, the universe is far more complex and diverse than our limited understanding can comprehend.

Feeling the Gaze of the Cosmos

As the conversation unfolds, Theo Von shares his experience of feeling like space is looking back at him when he gazes at the night sky. Neil deGrasse Tyson sympathizes with this sentiment, suggesting that there may be other intelligent life forms in the universe who could also be gazing at the stars, including our solar system. This thought-provoking idea invites us to contemplate our place in the cosmos and recognize the likelihood of other civilizations existing beyond our own.

Cherishing Our Existence

Throughout the engaging discussion, both Theo Von and Neil deGrasse Tyson emphasize the importance of cherishing our own existence and striving to make a positive impact on humanity. Given the vastness of the cosmos and the countless civilizations that may exist, each individual’s existence is a unique and special occurrence. As Neil deGrasse Tyson poignantly states, “Be ashamed to die until you’ve scored some victory for humanity.”

This lighthearted and intriguing conversation between Theo Von and Neil deGrasse Tyson serves as an excellent reminder of the wonders of the universe and our place within it. By exploring topics such as the continuum of the cosmos and the potential existence of other civilizations, we are invited to ponder our own existence and the impact we can have on humanity. While the conversation may have taken a humorous approach, it ultimately leaves us with profound insights into the vast and awe-inspiring nature of the universe.

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  1. I look forward to listening! NdeGT Always has something to say that will inspire thought. It’s amazing what we can find in our own mind when the right inspiration sparks it.

  2. I DON’T look forward to listening! NDGT is ALWAYS a close-minded ignorant fool! There’s always a know-it-all! If it’s not NDGT, it’s Seth Shostak.

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