2 VIDEOS! 4 stationary UFOs filmed over Santiago de Chile 16-May-2023

Have you ever had the thrilling yet chilling experience of a UFO sighting? Whether a believer or skeptic, the recent sighting in Santiago de Chile is sure to captivate your curiosity. On May 16, 2023, at precisely 10:00 PM, an enigmatic spectacle unfolded in the skies over Quinta Normal, turning a normal evening into a night of intrigue.

Two independent witnesses managed to capture this baffling event on video, and these footages have since gone viral, casting a spotlight on UFO sightings and stirring heated debates among online communities worldwide. These videos, which we have included below for your viewing pleasure, show four stationary lights mysteriously hovering in the sky, an image that’s hard to shake off or dismiss as a mere optical illusion.

The Santiago UFO sightings, as they’ve now come to be known, present a fascinating phenomenon. The four stationary lights hung in the sky, seemingly defying the laws of physics and conventional explanations. What makes these sightings particularly intriguing is the consistency in the reports from two separate witnesses – a rarity in UFO sightings that adds a layer of credibility to the event. Both encounters are available in the Youtube video bellow.

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