UFO Sighting in Marrakech, Morocco: An Ominous Prelude to a Devastating Earthquake


A curious and somewhat chilling video has emerged from Marrakech, Morocco, that was filmed just hours before the catastrophic earthquake that rocked the nation. The video showcases unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the sky, and these objects reportedly vanished soon after the seismic event. This mysterious occurrence has raised eyebrows and spawned theories about a possible link between the UFO sighting and the devastating earthquake.

The Earthquake

Before delving into the theories, it’s important to note the tragic events that unfolded on the fateful day. A 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco’s High Atlas mountain range, causing widespread destruction and loss of life. The earthquake led to over 2,000 deaths and left 1,404 people in critical condition. The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces and international aid are working tirelessly to rescue survivors and provide assistance to the affected areas.

A Theoretical Exploration

One theory suggests that the UFO sighting could be linked to electromagnetic disturbances triggered by the tectonic movements beneath the Earth’s crust. This idea stems from the belief that rocks moving against each other in tectonic plates could generate electromagnetic consequences. Phenomena like ionized air caused by electromagnetic disturbances from such tectonic activities could potentially explain the mysterious objects seen in the sky.

Some of the examples cited to support this theory include known electromagnetic phenomena like lightning, ball lightning, and aurora borealis. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic field that varies based on different factors, including geographical features that can alter the magnetic field. Therefore, it’s conceivable, albeit not fully proven, that such phenomena could be related to tectonic activity and may serve as precursors to seismic events.

A Conspiracy and Alien Connection?

Another fascinating angle to consider is the conspiracy theory that suggests a potential alien involvement. The sudden appearance and disappearance of the UFOs in proximity to the time and location of the earthquake could provoke questions about extraterrestrial monitoring or even intervention. Could these advanced civilizations have foreknowledge of natural disasters? And if so, to what end? While these questions may sound outlandish, they continue to capture the imagination and curiosity of many.


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While the link between the UFO sighting in Marrakech and the subsequent earthquake remains speculative, the event serves as a captivating subject for scientific and extraterrestrial enthusiasts alike. Whether you ascribe to the theory of electromagnetic consequences from tectonic activity or entertain the possibility of alien involvement, it’s an occurrence that is sure to keep people talking for some time to come.

It’s crucial, however, to remember that as fascinating as these theories are, they do not lessen the tragic impact of the earthquake on the lives of thousands of individuals and communities. Our thoughts remain with those affected by this devastating event.

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  1. No big deal.. ET has been monitoring for millennia. and they know the future They have told us we are all ET here, having been Created eons ago in the Sagittarius regions, (their 1st Prophet Nokodemion is recorded to have lived 11 billion yaesr ago)maybe in a previous Great Time of 311.04T years, the human. mammalian system being so complex. Data from Swiss Meier’s over 800 face to face chars with human ETs since 1942, under theyfly dot com.

    • I write books about ETs, but I can assure you the Earth didn’t even exist eleven billion years ago. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. And Billy Meiers is an oddball among oddballs. The universe is 13.8 billion years old and gas-only planet formation did not occur until around 12 billion. With no heavy metal planets at all. Do some science or shut the FU…..

  2. The aliens are probably monitoring different natural disasters that can be brought about by manipulating nature. Yet to come are more viruses and plagues to reduce the number of people down to a minimum level. The human race has run its cycle again and is due for extinction, like the hindu texts states, the cycle repeats itself. They have warned us about nuclear weapons destroyging the world, pollution, destruction of everything we touch. To no avail. So like lemmings they are bring in pest control.

  3. my thoughts of ufo’s are that each one is coming to earth to dump some form of nuclear waste on to our planet. there is probably no being on the crafts and they dump the waste below the crusts of large bodies of water….additionly somehow these crafts send out signals that disarm our thoughts that they are causing us harm….if these were of earth we would immediately send weapons to attack…i think these beings are about 100 yrs ahead of us and really do not need anything we have or to meet us

  4. Once again lights in the sky. Not in any formation and their movement suspect If our visitor’s have been watching, which they have and are very concerned, it wont be long before they make themselves more real to the general public. Watch the sky’s

  5. I don’t see why these aren’t UFO’s they have been seen coming out of a volcano in Mexico just last month, these beings who operate these craft are here to observe what we’re doing I doubt they have anything to do with the Earthquake these are solid objects not illusions or mass hypnosis people have been seeing these UFO’s for countless decades in every part of the world they are here always have been.

  6. There are some Csmic Jokes on this site. Haven’t been here for a wile. Seriously, isn’t there some sort of theory about Earth lights before an earthquake?
    For some reason, I could not correct wile to WHLE.

  7. These UFO’s like over morocco… Are very simple to explain yet few believe the truth… They will give all sorts of ridiculous theories and nonsense… Our United States government knows the truth… So now I will give it to you at a waste of my time because you will dismiss it and continue believing lies and assumptions…
    All the UFO today are coming from the sun… See the videos and pics on my Facebook page ( Facebook.com/TonyRoach101 ) for the complete truth, evidence and proof… The Kingdom of God is on the sun… BELIEVE IT OR NOT!… They are preparing for the last and final war… The destruction of mankind… The Rapture known as the Spring Harvest of Souls past in 2020 while the world was shut down for the coronavirus… As a thief in the night… See the dates I have predicted also and the coming events on my Facebook page also… And I’m never wrong…
    Now past UFO’s that our government has captured are not from the sun… They were the Mayans, Babylonians, etc that left earth for a short while to return… See my Facebook page for proof…
    Now this is a very very small piece of the information you’ll find on my Facebook page… So check it out or don’t… I’ve done my job… Have a great day…
    Facebook.com/TonyRoach101 … revelationsofthebible.org
    Tony Roach

  8. they are monitoring all the goings on on our planet, and have been for centuries, they have not hurt us yet nor do i think they ever will, if you want blood thirsty people that would be us, we are more likely to be the aggresive. i think that they do not come from space, they live right here, don’t ask me were but have you heard of the hollow earth theory.

  9. Perhaps they share the same space underground and went out, or and they tried warning us at least some people went outdoor which is a safer place as a result

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