Shocking Encounter: 6 British Soldiers Face Triangular UFO & Missing Time Near Salisbury Plain!


Unveiling the Mystery: The Enigmatic UFO Sightings Over Salisbury Plain

In the realms of the unexplained and the unknown, few phenomena capture the imagination quite like UFO sightings. The late 1980s and early 1990s were a particularly fertile period for such sightings, with numerous reports of mysterious crafts filling the skies worldwide. Among these, the Salisbury Plain incident in the UK stands out for its complexity and intrigue.

The Encounter: A Triangular Enigma

It was a cold winter night in 1989-1990 when a group of six British soldiers, engaged in night maneuvers near Salisbury Plain, witnessed something extraordinary. Their encounter with a colossal, black, triangular craft, reportedly the size of a football pitch, marked a chilling chapter in UFO sightings history.

Renowned UFO researchers Jon King and Timothy Good have scrutinized this incident, adding credibility to the soldiers’ accounts. King, the editor of “UFO Reality,” and Good, a respected figure in the field, bring a critical eye to these unexplained events, which often go dismissed as mere fantasy or misidentified military exercises.

Advanced Technology: Beyond Human Capabilities

What sets the Salisbury Plain sighting apart is not just the size of the craft but its purported advanced technology. Comparable sightings in Belgium, where UFOs executed maneuvers impossible by today’s aviation standards, echo this narrative of technological marvels. These crafts’ abilities to move thousands of meters in a blink have fueled theories ranging from extraterrestrial visitations to top-secret military projects.

The Human Experience: A Soldier’s Tale

Central to the Salisbury Plain story is Mark, a former British soldier whose identity remains concealed for fear of repercussions. His experience, and that of his fellow soldiers, encapsulates the human element in UFO encounters. The group’s collective memory lapse, the strange sensations of being controlled, and the appearance of a mysterious figure dressed in black, wielding a rod-like object, all contribute to a deeply unsettling experience.

The Aftermath: Questions and Theories

The soldiers found themselves disoriented and off-course, grappling with missing time and lingering emotional distress. Such experiences raise profound questions about the nature of these sightings. Are they evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence, or do they hint at something else entirely?


The Salisbury Plain UFO encounter remains an enigmatic piece in the vast puzzle of UFO sightings. It challenges our understanding of technology, physics, and perhaps the very notion of life beyond our planet. As we continue to seek answers, stories like these keep the flame of curiosity alive, urging us to look skyward and question what lies beyond.

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  1. Very similar to the Rendlesham craft and incident on Military land and like Rendlesham possibly spying on Military hardware. This is 100% real

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