Unknown lights recorded over Manhattan, New York

Latest UFO sightings – Unexplained UFO activity recorded in the night sky over Manhattan in New York in July and August 2010.
Note: Pyramid or diamond shape is the result of using maximum zoom on the camera but this is still interesting footage.

Part 1

GWETV Special Report: We received this amateur footage of what appears to be a diamond shaped UFO. It’s position as seen here in this video suggest similarities to the great pyramids of the earth. According to the videographer the craft was facing towards the east as he stood facing the west from mid Manhattan some time during the night of Sunday July 25, 2010. Some spiritual experts claim that these craft are directly related to those written of in the book of Ezekiel in the Bible. If proven to be true, we could consider this the start of a new era in our History, and some even say a divine countdown. Could the idea for design of the Egyptian Pyramids have come from this very aircraft? If so then who are the real aliens? Could this be a sign that the Earths original owners are here to claim the planet?
Author (GWETVNetwork @ youtube)

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Part 2
This is a GWETV Special Report. A huge crystal city sized pyramid shaped space ship reappeared over New York. This was filmed Friday evening on August 6th, 2010. The space craft was seen hovering over east and it was filmed from the upper west side of New York City. Last weekend this same space craft or one like it was seen over the west of city which we broadcasted for you over the internet.
Directly across from the pyramid shaped craft we there was an odd looking vessel which displayed a lighting system which was more like that of a fighter jet. However from the looks of this at our vantage point it would be safe to say that this too was an unfamiliar flying apparatus.
On June 19, 2008 several amateur videos surfaced on Youtube which captured lightening which came from a smaller space craft which took out the lighting system of the prudential building in Boston Massachusetts. The size of this craft in potential relative the power created by the smaller craft filmed in 2008 would probably black out an entire city in an instant.
Don’t be alarmed we have reason to believe that those piloting these space crafts are not aggressors, or hostile. Religious experts support the notion that these crafts are directly mentioned of in passages within the scriptures of both Bible and Holy Quran.
This video also contains footage from last week’s report which was filmed overviewing the west of New York side (2 weeks ago) directly across from this week’s video capture of the pyramid space craft. This rhombus or pyramid shaped space craft could have ties to the Egyptians who build the great pyramids. Archeologists and those alike who have dug up sacred remains should beware of this phenomenon and repent much! There’s much to learn from them, as their technology surpasses anything we’ve ever seen. We are certain that they are not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a new world everyone!
Author (GWETVNetwork @ youtube)

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