Daytime UFO photos taken in Mesa, Arizona 9-Feb-2011

Latest UFO sightings- New photos of daytime UFO activity in the sky over Mesa, Arizona. They were taken on Wednesday, 9th February around 3:20 pm.
Witness report: On February 9, 2011 in Mesa, AZ, just a little after 3:22 PM, I went outside onto my porch to watch the sky since it was a very nice day to be outside. Then about 3:30PM, I heard a loud helicopter coming towards my location. The helicopter passed very near my home at a typical altitude flying in a straight course and in a westerly direction which I was able to take some pictures of that helicopter. After downloading the pictures onto my computer, I noticed that this dark military looking and Huey style helicopter has nowhere to be seen emblem, flag, nor identification numbers indicating to whom the helicopter belongs to as in ownership. Therefore, the rumors of an unmarked, black colored helicopters flying in the sky is a true fact and no longer a fable in my opinion.

Then at about 3:39PM, I spotted a small bright UFO about the size of a quarter directly in front of me. To my eyes only, the oval-like shape object appeared almost fluoresce bright white with a hint of gray, yet it also appeared to be almost translucent with a frosty white color and possible yellow. The object was randomly jutting slightly outwards from it’s oval-like surface and different random parts of it’s surface small bumps that sporadically went outwards slightly then quickly back to it’s original surface shape. It almost seem like something was squirming within the almost transparent yet luminous jello-like mass that was slightly changing shape with protrusion occurring randomly and disappearing. The UFO was about 15 feet away from my location and about 8 feet up in altitude. It quickly came from my left side which there is a corner wall blocking part of the sky, and it moved to my right a distant of 10 feet then briefly hovered. Then it slowly moved to the left a distant of 10 feet while moving away from me at first, then towards me and downwards somewhat then hovered for a second. Then it slowly move to the right 7 feet going upwards and towards me slightly then just hovered what seems to be about 10 seconds or more. After that, it quickly move to the left at a quicker pace going slightly upwards which a wall corner eventually blocked further viewing of it. I got up from the lawn chair to look around the corner, but the object was nowhere to be seen. There was a slight breeze from the north which seemed mostly calm at times; calm enough that I also seen spider silk just floating and slightly drifting about. The temperature was about 70 degrees, blue skies, and a very clear day with mild sunlight rays.
Author (explorerSG1 @ youtube)

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  1. Helicopter was green not black. If the object was so close to the ground and to the witness, why is there only a blue background? There is no ground reference in the vid to truly get a feel for the actual size and altitude and distance of the object. And what is the explanation of the manipulation of the video as to background, etc.? How was it done and why?

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