UFO 2011: Red lights formation over Moscow, Russia 2-Jul-2011

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting UFO footage was just submitted to me. Multiple red lights over north-east Moscow, possibly national park “Losiny Ostrov” district. This was recorded on Saturday, 2nd July 2011.

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  1. We saw the exact same thing here in Little Compton, Rhode Island, around 9:20PM July 2, 2011 in the east/northeast sky. No noise, no blinking lights, definitely not fireworks, shifting formation, about 6 lights in total – similar configuration to the submitted footage from Russia. Any ideas on what this was/is?

  2. I have just seen 1 light like those shown on this video rise to the south then fly North, in at times a jagged way, and totally silent.<br />We watched it for about 2 minutes as it flew over until it faded away flying North.<br />We are in Perth Australia and it occurred at about 8.45pm on the 3rd of June. Totally clear sky&#39;s<br />[email protected]

  3. Excellent footage! You can clearly see camera movments while looking at the lights, which would be difficult if not impossible, to fake without it being obvious. Thank you so much for sharing!! These type of sightings are occuring frequently all over the world and it won&#39;t be long until full disclosure. If our governments won&#39;t disclose, &quot;They&quot; will.

  4. We just saw this in Barrington Illinois at 9.15pm parking our car to watch fireworks, I know this is the same thing because I thought how it reminded me of the the big Dipper

  5. Saw exact same (well 3 of them only) shapes hovering several miles south of my home at 10:30 PM a few years ago. They were hovering low–thought it may have been one satellite with two lights at first but after several long, silent minutes, one of the lights flew (zoomed) away to the left and out of sight; the other remained for about five more minutes then faded completely out, verly slowly,

  6. Really? Lanterns moving in formation? <br />Look carefully, especially at the lower one. It moves exactly as triangular object, as if these lights are connected. It&#39;s impossible for free-roaming lanterns.

  7. saw the same thing, about 20-25 of them, flew right over my head about 400-500 ft up.. trailing the 20 or so red lights was 2 or 3 without the red light on and about 100 feet off the ground, one without its red light on flew right over my head, it was WAY too close for comfort.. im working on my video i made right after it with a drawing of what i saw.. notus66

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